I’ve been working on visuals for more than 6 years, although, I could say that since I was a little rascal, I always liked the artistic world.

It wasn’t until I started to study Engineering that I took art more seriously. Don’t get me wrong, solving problems through the marvelous world of mathematics and technology makes you feel like a deity, but life isn’t always predictable.

Like many of my generation, our paths had many bugs, trying to solve them required serious patches and releases, and in some cases, we had to discontinue it.

But if life give you lemons, you sell them for something that can actually feed you.

Nowadays, my entire existence revolves around the artistic expressions, as you can see on this blog, I put my hands into everything that fits my contentious definition of art. Let the creation begin!



If I had a nickel every time someone messages me, I’d have -1 nickels.


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